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Boo Boo's Hot Sauces

Boo Boo's Hot Sauce

Boo Boo's Hot Sauce

A smooth blend of aged Louisiana Red Cayenne pepper and vinegar. This is the original Boo Boo's hot sauce and it's great on anything. This classic hot sauce has a moderate heat and a great flavor.
Boo Boo's Burnya' Butt

Boo Boo's Burnya' Butt

The classic Boo Boo's hot sauce kicked up a notch with a shot of spicy tobasco pepper. If you want a sauce that is just a bit spicier, this is your bottle.
Boo Boo's Green Jalapeno Sauce

Boo Boo's Green Jalapeno

Our classic hot sauce produced with aged Louisiana Green Jalapeno peppers instead of the red cayenne. The green jalapeno peppers produce a slightly milder flavor and as such is suited to the softer palate. If you love the hot sauce but want something a bit milder, this is a great option..
Boo Boo's Spicy Garlic Sauce

Boo Boo's Spicy Garlic

A sauce that really represents the awesome richness of the flavor in Garlic. Whole roasted cloves are blended with vinegar and pepper to produce this special treat. If you love the flavor of garlic in a tangy sauce, pick this sauce.
Boo Boo's Habanero Blend

Boo Boo's Habanero Blend

A hot sauce that uses the exotic flavor of Habanero peppers for its edge. Habanero is a pepper that's been used for centuries by the islander creoles of the Caribbean for their unique style of food, and for good reason. If you a looking for a hot pepper sauce with an exotic flavor, this sauce is definately worth a try..

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